The University of Alabama retains all interior design services to be performed by Furnishings and Design. Projects ranging in all sizes are managed by our interior design team. Furnishings and Design takes pride in its process development to ensure quality and consistency across campus.
The Furnishings and Design department has been charged with specifying and maintaining records of interior finishes campus wide. To maintain consistency, finishes are specified based on the existing building finishes and/or the type project that is assigned. Finishes specified for new buildings construction or building renovation have been selected to maintain the standards established by the University and reflect the colors that represent the University brand. All interior finishes specified for the University of Alabama are held to high performance standards. By managing interior finishes and upholding these standards we are being good stewards of the funds allowed for each project.
Furniture selections are made based on the program needs, budget and existing furnishings. The assigned interior designer will work with the approved UA contracted dealers to specify furnishings that will function in the space and are aesthetically pleasing. The furnishing finishes will be specified based on the existing furnishings and interior finishes. Commercial furniture is a significant investment for your department. Longevity and minimal maintenance are always considered during the selection process. Furniture is selected at high quality and warranty standards, as well as, compliance with ADA guidelines and fire rating codes.
To provide ease of project flow, Furnishings and Design will work with UA campus partners to ensure the desired outcome from your project. Below is a list of our UA campus partners.
Wall graphics add a special element to a space. Wall graphics function to develop wayfinding or tell a story for a department. Furnishings and Design will work with the appropriate UA contracted vendor to create a design proposal based on your project budget and desired results. Furnishings and Design will work with Strategic Communications to provide approved graphics. Upon the client’s approval, Furnishings and Design will submit the order, coordinate installation and review the wall graphics for accuracy and quality during the installation process.
Quality commercial furniture is a significant investment for your department. Furnishings and Design will work along with our talented upholstery team to help you select quality fabrics that will coordinate with your existing furnishings and give new life to outdated and worn upholstered furniture. The upholstery team can reupholster chairs of all types, lounge seating and acoustical panels. Please follow the link below to learn more about our upholstery services.
Upholstery Services
To get the most from commercial furniture on campus, Furnishings and Design is proud to offer our new Furniture Inventory services. This service was established to give a second life to furniture that is being replaced or discarded. Furnishings and Design accepts quality furniture that is in good working condition. We organize and catalog these pieces in our storage areas around campus. The products in inventory are available for all UA departments. We feel this service is especially valuable for projects with limited funding and have the needs for functioning and attractive furnishings. An interior designer will assist clients in finding furniture that will fit and operate as needed in the space.
If you have a project that you are ready to initiate, please fill out the Design Request Form (DRF). We ask that you fill out the form in its entirety as all the information requested is pertinent for defining project type. We will receive your form and your project will be reviewed and assigned to one of our experienced interior designers. You will be contacted by your assigned interior designer to setup an initial meeting to discuss your project needs, budget and to gather information that will be needed to get you a proposal. Your formal proposal will include furnishings and all services that may be required for your desired result. Upon the client’s approval, Furnishings and Design will submit work orders, purchase orders and coordinate dates for installation.

If a project requires 3 or more trades/services, then a Project Initiation Request should be submitted in lieu of DRF. You may find the PIR form under our resources page.

Design Request Form