Furnishings and Design has evolved from its inception at the University in 2007. The department was established to further the vision of the administration in creating a more cohesive interior design that represents the UA brand.  Initially, the department included a director, one design consultant, and one student. In 2013, the University transitioned to full-time interior design employees. As of today, the department consists of 18 full-time employee and 12 students.  As the campus needs have increased, the services and staff have expanded to accommodate our clients.

With the development of the department, a business team was created to assist our interior design team.  The business staff and design staff collaborate throughout the duration of the project to ensure a successful experience for our clients.  The business manager oversees the business office staff, business students, and the upholstery team.  The interior design manager supervises the interior design II staff and the assistant manager of interior design.  The interior design I staff and the design students are advised by the assistant manager of interior design.  We all work closely together to provide a seamless transition within our projects.

The upholstery team joined the department in 2006.  Our upholsterers have a vast amount of experience and are very talented when working to repurpose the furniture on our campus.  They support the design staff by updating furniture on campus to extend the life of the furniture.  They are a vital asset to our team and to the University.

The Furnishings and Design department is honored to serve the University and work to provide quality services to the campus.