Foster Auditorium Renovations

Building History

Foster Auditorium, built in 1939, houses the women’s volleyball program.  A restoration of this historic building was completed in January of 2011.  In addition to the auditorium, the building now includes locker rooms, team areas, meeting and video rooms, a weight room, athletic training facilities, and coaches offices.  The new seating capacity for the auditorium is 2,600 with seats on the floor level and second floor level which overlooks the court.  Some facts about  Foster Auditorium:

  • Foster Auditorium was named after the 16th University president, Richard Clarke Foster.
  • Foster Auditorium was the site of Alabama Governor George C. Wallace’s stand in the “schoolhouse door” on June 11, 1963.
  • Foster Auditorium Renovation included the design of The Malone-Hood Plaza located in front of the building which honors the University’s first African-American students.
  • Foster Auditorium housed women’s athletics in the 1970’s and 1980’s.
  • The Lobby and Corridors of Foster Auditorium were designed to promote the University’s women’s athletic program with dynamic graphics located on the walls above the rich wood wainscoting.  The epoxy floor pattern includes a script “A” logo that is synonymous with University of Alabama Athletics.  The colors throughout the building reflect the branding of the University of Alabama with Crimson accents defining the space.

Foster Auditorium Entrance

Crimson Tide lettering on the court

Foster Auditorium Tiled Hallway

Fosters Auditorium Court