Non-Project Related Meetings
Due to the volume of vendor calls and appointment requests, the Furnishings & Design Department has set aside two half-days per month for vendor presentations, for non-project related information.  Vendor presentations are scheduled for the first and third Wednesdays of most months. Furnishings & Design does not participate in vendor “Lunch and Learns”.

All appointments will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Each meeting will be no longer than thirty minutes in length. Those appointments can be made through the online request system. Vendors are asked to respect the allotted time slot. Once the allotted thirty minutes is up, then an additional appointment at the next available time can to be made. Due to the limited number of meeting dates, the Furnishings & Design Department permits two meetings per person per calendar year.

Please remember that the state of Alabama prohibits all food and gifts for state employees. Vendors should be parking at the front of the building in visitor parking, and check in with the front desk receptionist who will notify F&D that you are here. If you have samples, you can drive to the back for drop off, but do not park in the back or in the motorcycle parking for an extended period of time.

Project Meetings
At the request of a member of the Furnishings & Design Department, dealers/vendors may be asked to schedule appointments on a more frequent basis. Such meetings would be to discuss current projects. Once those projects are completed, those vendors would need to begin scheduling appointments on a monthly basis. Unless specifically requested, it is unacceptable for a manufacturer or manufacturer’s rep to attend these project meetings. In an effort to be as efficient as possible, Furnishings & Design will notify dealer/vendor of the meeting’s agenda prior to the meeting day. It is the responsibility of the dealer/vendor to request additional information and to come prepared.

Schedule a Vendor Appointment