In an effort to protect the health of University employees, who spend a majority of their work hours seated at a desk, the Furnishings and Design Department offers a complimentary Chair Lab service to match employees with ergonomic task chair options. The Chair Lab is managed by the Furnishings and Design Assistant, who can show employees a variety of chairs with an array of ergonomic features and adjustments.

Planning Your Visit

Because the Chair Lab is located offsite, demonstrations are conducted by appointment only. Appointments can be made by filling out the Chair Lab Appointment Request Form. Once an appointment is scheduled and a budget is given, the Furnishing and Design Assistant will pick several chairs in your price range to be tested in the Chair Lab. A budget is imperative in the selection process, so we can show you a task chair within the appropriate price range. An average budget is $500, though there are chairs both more and less than $500. You should speak to the financial person in your department to determine an appropriate budget prior to your appointment.During the Chair Lab appointment, you will be shown several task chair options along with the chair adjustments.

Making Your Selection

After sitting in the chairs, you will make a determination on what chair you like best. Once the selection has been made, the Furnishing and Design Assistant will have Logistical Support deliver a sample chair to your office for no more than a week to ensure that you are satisfied with your choice.

Due to the high volume of Chair Lab requests, sample chairs can only be on loan for one week. You will keep your current chair until the new chair arrives. Furthermore, Furnishings and Design actively tracks where chairs are located, and Furnishings and Design must be notified immediately if the location of a sample chair changes. Departments are responsible for returning the chair in a reusable condition, and a lost or damaged chair will be charged to the responsible department.

Ordering and Delivery

Once the final chair selection has been made, the Furnishings and Design Department will obtain a written quote from the appropriate vendor. The quote will be emailed to you, and the quote should be passed on to your department’s purchaser, who should contact the vendor directly to order the task chair via P-Card. Task chairs take four to eight weeks to be delivered.

For questions about appointments and directions to the Chair Lab, please email the Furnishings and Design Assistant at