Author: jclements

Did you know?

  • Leaning forward 30 degrees in your office chair to get closer to the computer screen puts 3-4 times more strain on your back.
  • A simple tennis ball can help you correct your posture and help release contracted muscles and tissues.
  • In a properly adjusted office chair, the arm supports should allow your elbows to rest at 90 degrees.
  • This and more helpful office chair info can be found at: Spine Health: Office Chair Set Up.

Stump the New Guy!

Furnishings and Design would like to welcome its newest team member, the Manager of Business Processes, Dan Genest. Dan comes to UA following a career in the Air Force where he held positions in financial services, budgeting and cost estimating.

As business process manager, Dan’s duties encompass all financial and support functions to include accounting, auditing and inventory management. So as Dan gets up to speed in his new role, the F&D staff would like to challenge you to try to stump the new guy! Send Dan any and all questions you’ve ever had about F&D but just never got around to asking. Ever wonder how we assign interior designers to each specific project? How the chair lab works? How many upholstery jobs F&D completes each year? You ask the question and Dan will find the answer. Feel free to call Dan at 348-0879 to introduce yourself and ask him your question, or email it to