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Furnishings and Design – Concur Reports

Are you a Concur Org approver? If so, you may receive a Concur report titled “Furnishings & Design.” Our office generally places orders for requested furniture items for campus, pays for the item using our P-Card, then allocates the charges in Concur to the FOAPAL provided by the client. Due to the fact that many furniture items are not shipped, and paid for, until up to 3 to 6 months after the initial order, oftentimes, approvers are caught off guard when they receive an email from Concur asking them to approve F&D expense reports.

If you should receive one of these reports, please review it carefully. A copy of the original vendor quote, the final receipt and a copy of the email traffic from the client authorizing the purchase and FOAPAL information is attached to the transaction. When approving these transactions, you are not responsible for all charges included in the report, only the ones charged to your Org. One way to know which ones are yours, is to look for the blue 3D paper icon. See below for an example:

If you are unsure, please do not send the report back to the user. Instead, please contact Dan Genest at 348-0879 or Kate Russell at 348-8433 for additional explanation.

Little Hall – Renovation complete!

Constructed in 1915 as the University’s first stand-alone gymnasium, Little Hall was named in honor of William “Bill” Gray Little, who is credited with introducing football at the University of Alabama. In 1967, Little Hall became home for the School of Social Work and remains so today as they prepare to celebrate 50 years in the building! Recent renovations to Little Hall started in 2015 and Kristie Brown was assigned as the project’s interior designer. Kristie worked hand in hand with Dean Vandiver and her team to accommodate all of the programming requirements while highlighting Little Halls’ classical style with elegant wainscoting and elongated arched openings.

The North facing façade is complemented by beautiful terrazzo floor patterns meant to draw visitors through the first-floor space and connect them to the South vestibule where Hall of Fame honorees flank the corridor walls in custom cabinets. The cabinets were designed by Kristie and are a highlight of the corridor. Additionally, the newly added third floor hosts a breath-taking event/reception space with exposed structure framed by large arched windows located on the North and South exterior walls. Once finished, Dean Vandiver noted that the new floor patterns are unique and dynamic, as are UA students!

Congratulations to Kristie on a job well done!!


Furnishings and Design Year End Deadlines

It’s that time of year again and the end of the fiscal year is approaching quickly. With the implementation of Concur during FY17, all purchase orders must now be issued, not just submitted, prior to September 30, 2017. This is a change from previous years so please make a note of this difference and help us communicate this update to any stakeholders in your work area. In order to allow enough time to fully design the furniture within the requested space, all Design Request Forms (DRFs) that are year-end specific must be submitted to the F&D office no later than end of business day, August 15, 2017.

In chronological order, the deadlines are as follows:

  • August 15: Design Request Forms are due

  • September 25: Purchase order requests are due to purchasing

  • September 30: Purchase orders must be issued

Please understand that these deadlines are in place to ensure that proper time and attention can be given to each and every space on campus. F&D strives to provide excellent customer service throughout the year, and especially at year end as everyone is trying to finish up their year-end projects. Please help us help you and plan accordingly so we can all have a successful year end closeout!