The Upholstery shop provides its services to all UA departments. Our upholstery shop can revamp a variety of items, such as: task chairs, lounge furniture, automotive seats, classroom furniture and special projects. This valuable service can be utilized to make a huge impact on your project even with a limited budget. Our experienced upholsterers are a true treasure to the UA campus, transforming dated or overused furniture into restored, desirable pieces. The upholstery shop uses high quality, commercial grade fabrics and materials that meet strict fire ratings and product standards.
With the assistance of an interior designer, requesting departments choose fabrics to coordinate with their existing and/or new furnishings. The requesting department then reviews and approves an official upholstery quote, which details the charges to be incurred and work to be performed. The designer will then coordinate the transport of said furniture to the Upholstery Shop in order to start the project. Once the piece has been completed, it is reviewed by the designer and sent back to the requesting department.

E&G departments do not pay for labor charges and only pay for fabric and materials needed. The upholstery shop uses high quality, commercial grade fabrics and materials that can be purchased under UA contracts. Upholstery projects can be initiated by completing a Design Request Form (DRF). If you have any questions, please contact us at  or 348-6508.

**Note: Auxiliary departments are additionally charged for labor. All Upholstery Shop quotes will reflect any and all charges applicable.

Check out the Project Portfolio page below to see examples of the amazing transformations that our Upholstery team has been able to provide for UA.

Upholstery Project Portfolio