Submitting a Design Request Form

To submit a Design Request Form, visit our F&D website at the following link – Furnishings and Design Website.  Once there, click on the Design Request Form link in the lower left-hand corner and fill out the electronic DRF accordingly.  Be sure to fill in all the sections with red asterisks in order to ensure a successful submission.  Once that’s complete, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page and you will immediately see a confirmation screen confirming the successful submission of your design request.  If you have any technical issues during this process, please try accessing our site using a different browser.  Once your submission is received by F&D, your project will be assigned based on staffing availability, which could take up to a few weeks.  After your project is assigned, your department will be contacted by the designated designer.  If you have any questions or need any help throughout this process, please call our team at 348-6508.