AUID Conference 2016

The University of Alabama was recently represented at the Association of University Interior Designers (AUID) Annual Conference for the first time in several years. The goal of the conference is to bring together professional interior designers from colleges across the United States. These individuals design high-use spaces that must meet the needs of students, staff, and faculty, be aesthetically pleasing, and be easily maintained. This can be much harder than you would imagine!

Three UA interior designers attended the event and brought back with them not only new ideas, but also confidence in knowing that the guidance provided by our department is standard in most higher education settings. Michael Hand was awarded a 2nd Place for New Construction in the 2016 Design Competition for his work on North Lawn Hall. Please join us in congratulating Michael! In addition to that, they learned about the similarities and differences among the colleges in areas such as branding and advancing their core missions. As you can imagine, all colleges are looking to increase enrollment and retention of students. The design staff was able to see how this unified mission is accomplished in different ways, depending on the strengths of the college and requirements of prospective students in varying regions.