Bryant Retail is Now Open!

After many years of planning and work, Bryant Retail Center opened to the public on July 22. Interior designer Mary Kathryn Holt was assigned to the project and did an outstanding job designing this state of the art retail space. The newly constructed building is home to a branch of the SupeStore as well as a Starbucks, which features a drive-thru.

The building boasts large exterior windows, which bring in the natural light and illuminate the space. The space also incorporates natural elements like wood finishes and exposed brick. You can find an eye-catching light fixture above the cascading stair case, located in the heart of the building. This space is elegant, inviting and functional. We hope it will be a popular spot for students, faculty, staff and visitors for many years to come.

Congratulations to Mary Kathryn Holt on a job well done!

Bryant Retail