Starting a Renovation Project

  • June 4th, 2015
  • in News

There are two separate forms used to initiate a renovation project, so how do you know which one is appropriate for your department’s needs?

Generally speaking, the Design Request Form (DRF) is for those smaller renovation projects and the Project Initiation Request (PIR) is for larger renovation projects.

Design Request Form

The DRF is used in-house by the Furnishings and Design staff to initiate a renovation project under $5,000.  It involves no more than two trades and does not significantly change the structure of the building.  Upholstery projects, selection of new furniture, and updating paint colors are just a few examples of projects you would start using a DRF.

Project Initiation Request

The PIR is for those larger, more complex renovation projects which are over $5,000 and/or involve three or more trades, and/or make significant changes to the structure of the building.  The PIR first goes to the Construction Administration department for review before making it to our office.

For more information on these forms, please visit the Forms page as well as the FAQ page on our website.